Ready for a Flood

17 Jan

George Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick

I’ve kept an eye on this place for a few years now.  It is a heritage home and was for sale for a number of years before rumours started to circulate that it was slated for demolition after a heating oil spill contaminated the surrounding property.  Thankfully, it seems to have survived the ordeal and will continue to live on.  I took this shot recently after walking by and finding it in this suspended state.


Alward Harned, mason, carpenter, and partner involved in the construction of the first Government House, built this handsome dwelling in 1826 for his own use. It has a large cellar and a solid stone foundation, fine woodwork, and wide floorboards. James White, a watchmaker and amateur inventor bought this house from David Harned in 1860, and later built a home-made telescope in the garden for all the neighbors to enjoy. The house was in the Fred P. Hatt Family for many generations until late in the last century. (Fredericton Hermitage Trust)


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