The Toys Have All Been Put Away

19 Jan

Maugerville, New Brunswick
I stumbled across this beautiful image on the way home after an afternoon adventure on the old Maugerville Highway.  This particular stretch of road was once the main artery for traffic leaving Fredericton for Moncton, Sackville, and Nova Scotia.  It was once home to regular and particularly deadly traffic accidents, and many times I traveled it’s cracked and potholed pavement, longing for the end of another fun but exhausting weekend adventure.

These days the road is relatively quiet as traffic now follows a different path.  The road and the community it surrounds are slowly adjusting to the change of pace.  While some businesses along this beautiful stretch of NB road have since closed their doors, the few that remain struggle to keep the lights on.  Thankfully, some of the best homemade pie around can still be found in this neck of the woods.  That’s all part of the appeal for me.

The collection of vehicles in this picture bring to mind the same very same toys that once cluttered my bedroom floor.  When it was time to tidy up my room, I would line my fleet of earth movers, diggers and dumpers up like they’re about to enter a parade, much like I found these.

Nameless is a piece of music I recorded a few summers ago with a friend of mine.  It came about while searching for a melodic theme to accompany a larger piece of music.  The final piece we were trying to develop never came together but maybe the true melody was under our noses the whole time?  Jess Munkittrick plays the fiddle.  I think it fits nicely with both this image and the community that surrounds it.


One Response to “The Toys Have All Been Put Away”

  1. Cathy Carter January 19, 2011 at 8:52 pm #

    The more I look at this picture the more I like it. The pairing of the haunting tune with this image is perfect!

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