20 Jan

MacAdam, New Brunswick

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by trains.  Some of the earliest photos I remember taking where of the trains that used to come into Fredericton’s York Street station.  There was a time when I could even name the different locomotives and their designed purposes.  Man, kids really grab hold of some odd things huh?

My love of trains remains.  I love driving along-side one of those mile-long freight trains and counting cars.  And when time allows, I’ll pull over and get dangerously close to the tracks, spellbound by the weight, speed, and power a train commands.

This photo was shot in MacAdam.  I was scoping trains and feeling like a kid.  It was cold but it was great.

The music was an experiment I recorded on a recent Sunday afternoon.  It didn’t get much farther than this.  Probably a good thing.


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