Exercise for Your Body and Your Imagination

24 Jan

Lincoln, New Brunswick

This beautiful stretch of forgotten road is part of the old highway which ran between Fredericton and Oromocto.  Now deserted, it is used primarily as a walking and biking trail despite it’s somewhat creepy past, explained here in this RCMP press release.

On Tuesday evening, October 19, 1965, John and Isabelle Felsing were out walking their dog, as they did quite frequently. They walked along a dead end road, the Oromocto Flats Road in Lincoln New Brunswick, which is near the riverbank. It was hunting season, and several hunters were in the area that day. But what happened this particular evening, was a most bizarre occurrence. John and Isabelle Felsing were shot and killed, simultaneously, with one #4 shot, from a twelve gauge shotgun. The person who shot the Felsing’s were standing between them and the riverbank, only fifty to seventy feet away, when they took aim, and fired. (Both shot on left side from riverbank).

Over the years, numerous suspects have been interviewed, and as a result of the investigation, no new leads have turned up. Even at this point in time, it is not known if the shooting was intentional or accidental. The only person holding this information is the one who committed the offence, or a friend who may have been hunting with then.

A mysterious X has been painted on the road, possibly marking the spot where this tragic event took place.



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