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The Birthplace of Music

28 Feb

Well, it may not actually be the birthplace of music but for me, this building in downtown Fredericton played (and continues to play) an instrumental role in the development of my musical tastes, interests, and possibilities. 

Home to Backstreet Records, a shop I first visited with my Dad when I was twelve or thirteen, I’ve since spent countless hours digging through the shelves of music new and used, left, lost, and forgotten.  I can’t count the times I’ve dug through boxes of music fresh from distributors arriving in time for release day and others not so fresh,  sold to pay rent.  I bought my very first compact disc there and over a ton of vinyl and cassettes I’m sure.


Ice, Ice, Baby

28 Feb

We decided to make the most of a winter’s weekend and see what we could find for interesting images around the downtown area.  This is one of my favorite shots from the day.  Ice on steel gate = pretty darn cool.

A View From the Kitchen

23 Feb

This is the view from our kitchen window.  There isn’t anything really special about it but I’ve always liked the way the sun cuts through the trees in the morning.  And that red house seems to stand out against the snow and the surrounding white buildings.  This is one of those “photos can’t do it justice” images I guess.  Everytime I look out there I think what a nice oil painting it would make.

Behind a Street’s Familiar Face

21 Feb

When I’m out wandering around looking for fun images to capture, I’ve had the best success exploring off the beaten path.  Side streets and alleys offer a view not seen by everyone and as a result, they usually produce a wealth of interesting shots.  This shot was taken just off one of the main streets in uptown Saint John.  The building’s colour against the bright blue sky remind me of some place far away where the weather in more inviting than January in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Sound Portrait #772373973

20 Feb

Photo: Grand Manan, NB (July 2010)
Sound: Charlotte Street (Feb 2011)

Late Night

18 Feb

Here is a small piece of tonight’s recording session. Thomas is a great fiddler. My brain is fried. Time for bed.

Tar, Rust and Cold Steel

14 Feb

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