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Been a while

23 Mar

Janet spied this shot while we were out for a drive around Crabbe Mountain last weekend.  I couldn’t resist.


Whacky Tobacky

8 Mar

Anyone familiar with Saint John’s uptown area has seen this faded sign along the water front.  One of several reminders of Saint John’s storied past, I thought I’d try and learn a bit about Shamrock Tobacco and share it in my blog.  Sadly, no one seems to know much about it.  I’m guessing this sign was painted in the 40’s and all that Google can offer me besides a few tins and tobacco cutters on auction sites, are links to a few current tobacco shops in the US. 

I was however, not suprised to see this picture all over the internet as I appearantly am not the only one wondering about Shamrock Plug Tobacco.  The only other evidence I could find relating to this era of the company was part of a series of photographs on the history of the railroad in Nova Scotia. 

The image below was described as, “B & W Postcard Of Lunenburg Railway Wharf. In The Foreground At The Beginning Of The Wharf Is A Shed With A Sign The Reads “Smoke / Shamrock / Plug / Tobacco”. There Is A Pile Of Crates Outside Of The Shed And A Small Lying Right Side Up Just Outside The
24 Mar, 1916.

Maybe this painted sign on Water Street preceeds the 40’s?  Maybe it was painted closer to the turn of the century.  If you have any clues, I’d love to hear them.

Black Nose

6 Mar


6 Mar

City patchwork.  Buildings grow from one to another regardless of design, shape or intent.  Brick-work meets stucco meets siding and cement, wolven together by timber and iron fire escapes running down to the streets below.


6 Mar

 A village of ice-fishing hut along the Kennebecasis River.  I saw these today and had to stop and snap.  I’ve only been ice-fishing once before.  It involved a hut, beer, smokes, and a few good friends.  The fish is always an afterthought.  Being a true Maritime tradition,  friends and beer consumption can pretty much make any event a good time.  Even when it involves sitting on milk crates inside a glorified outhouse in the middle of a frozen waterway.

If I Can’t Have You, No One Can!

2 Mar

Alternate titles = Down with Glass!

                               Squares Suck!

                               These remind me of my elementary school’s washroom windows!


The Big Ugly?

1 Mar

This building in downtown Fredericton has long been criticized for it’s unsightly appearance.  Big, black, and shiny.  Me, I don’t mind it.  It’s no century home but it could be a lot worse.  It is what you make it I suppose.

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