Kingston Peninsula – Frog Capital of Canada?

28 May

Over the Victoria Day long weekend a bunch of us rented a cabin out on the Kingston Peninsula for three nights of hanging out and relaxing. Reading books, playing Yahtzee, and taking photos occupied most of our time.  It was great.

Not far from our cabin was a small pond.  Large enough for swimming but too small for a boat.  If you had a good pitching arm you could easily throw a rock to the other side.

I have never seen as many amphibians in various stages of growth as I saw in that pond.  When we first approached it, the entire sandy bottom came to life as thousands of fat tadpoles made a break for it.  As we walked along the edge the flutter and scurry of these little critters seemed endless.

I’ve never been a fan of frogs and in any stage of growth but since they were literally everywhere we walked, looked, sat, stood, and crouched, I figured I best just accept them.

In a few weeks that entire area will probably seem like a scene out of the bible.  A plague.  I’m glad we were there when we were.  Anyway, this is a picture of a frog we met along one of the walking trails as we battled the black flies in search of great photos and fresh air.  We found both.


One Response to “Kingston Peninsula – Frog Capital of Canada?”

  1. Jennifer May 31, 2011 at 5:44 am #

    I’m sure you’d hate our toads then Matt. Horrible ugly things 🙂

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