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crow on the beach

26 Jun


Well, it’s about time.

5 Jun

We finally decided to stop and visit Fort Beausejour today.  It’s sits along the Tantramar Marsh near the border with Nova Scotia.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve taken that drive and thought about stopping in there.  I’ve probably done that drive 100 times and never made the stop until today.  This wind-worn tree greets visitors to the site.

It’s a National Historical Site and has a pretty interesting history that you can read about in the museum.  It was originally a French fort built around 1750.  Shortly after it was built, the English built one nearby and the two sides would often trade goods, letters, women and gunfire.  Wild times.  Eventually, the English captured Fort Beasejour, dismantled their original fort across the marsh, expelled the French and kept a garrison there until sometime after the war of 1812. 

If you get a chance to make the stop, I suggest you do.  It’s worth it for the view alone.


Tune thats needs to go somewhere

1 Jun

Mama House One

Here is a riff I’ve been playing with.  It reminds me of spring time or fishin’ when I was just a pup.  I recently took a drive with my Mom to her childhood home.  She gave me the scoop on all the spots she lived growing up.  I guess this reminds me of that experience too.  What a great lady.

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