Back Roads and Beaten Paths

10 Oct

Yesterday we were lucky enough to take the back roads home from Saint John.  I love it when time allows for a diversion from the modern highway and directs us to the old river roads as it so often does.  Ferry crossings at Gondola Point and Evandale are always a treat.  Almost like a step back in time.

This church has caught my eye a dozen times at least and finally yesterday, we decided to actually stop and check it out.  It sits high on a hill and seems to dominate the skyline, especially when the sun is setting.

I also couldn’t resist this corn field.  It’s a few minutes outside of Hatfield Point about 15km before the ferry at Evandale.  When I stopped to snap a few shots, I found the field was alive and almost breathing.  Acres and acres of corn stalks provide an unbelievable harvest feast for birds, mice, and bugs of all shapes and sizes.  The sound of all these critters chowing down filled the air with a constant buzz.  It was pretty amazing as there was little to no wind at the time.


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