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My Town

7 Feb

You can hear the tune by clicking HERE. Cheers.


A Hole in Our Heart

27 Nov

Here is a little tune I wrote over the weekend. I figured our shale gas protesters could use a theme song to help with the cause. And if they already have one, there’s certainly no harm in having another. Stop Shale Gas in New Brunswick.

A Hole in Our Heart

I had to add this youtube link because traffic actually crashed my hotlink hosted file. Whacky!

Nice Guys Finish Last

2 Nov

Self portrait.

Here is a tune I’m working on.  Song writing.  Weird.  Nice Guys Finish Last.  Enjoy.

Some tunes….

2 Nov

Three tunes I was farting around with tonight.  The first one is a Cornish dance tune called St. Keverne.  The sheetmusic given to me by a man here in Fredericton who really wanted it played. 

The next two are mine.  The first is called Crack The Floor Boards and the second is called The Gagetown Escape.  Did it!

Tune thats needs to go somewhere

1 Jun

Mama House One

Here is a riff I’ve been playing with.  It reminds me of spring time or fishin’ when I was just a pup.  I recently took a drive with my Mom to her childhood home.  She gave me the scoop on all the spots she lived growing up.  I guess this reminds me of that experience too.  What a great lady.

The Birthplace of Music

28 Feb

Well, it may not actually be the birthplace of music but for me, this building in downtown Fredericton played (and continues to play) an instrumental role in the development of my musical tastes, interests, and possibilities. 

Home to Backstreet Records, a shop I first visited with my Dad when I was twelve or thirteen, I’ve since spent countless hours digging through the shelves of music new and used, left, lost, and forgotten.  I can’t count the times I’ve dug through boxes of music fresh from distributors arriving in time for release day and others not so fresh,  sold to pay rent.  I bought my very first compact disc there and over a ton of vinyl and cassettes I’m sure.

Sound Portrait #772373973

20 Feb

Photo: Grand Manan, NB (July 2010)
Sound: Charlotte Street (Feb 2011)

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